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Alumni Directory Search Tips

Enter search criteria in the form provided and click submit to perform your search. The database is queried for any listings that meet all of the criteria you have entered. The search conditions are “and”, so if you enter last name: Smith, class year: 1990, the results page will list everyone with the last name of Smith who graduated in 1990.

When including first or last name with your search, you can enter an exact name or just the first few letters. The last name field, along with many other fields in your directory, works as a “fuzzy” search. Simply said, if the criteria you enter in that field is contained in a directory listing it will be presented on your Search Results page. To illustrate this, typing Wal into the Last name field would get results for people with the last names of Wall, Wallace, Walters, etc.

Sample search criteria
Some samples below should help illustrate how to use one or more fields in your search to obtain your desired search results.

1) Fellow alumni in the state of California
     - State: CA

2) Alumni with the last name Smith
     - Last Name: Smith

3) Alumni with the last name Smith (or could it have been Smyth or Smythe)
     - Last Name: Sm

4) Fellow alumni in state of California with last name Smith
     - Last Name: Smith
     - State: CA

5) Jane Smith who graduated with you in 1990
     - Last Name: Smith
     - First Name: J
     - Class Year: 1990

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